Helping humanity with technological simplicity

I am a engineering specialist working with companies and individuals to solve exciting problems with robust and powerful technology.

Services I offer and key areas of interest

With over 13 years of diverse experience I can help you make sense of technological legacy and future possibilities using engineering best practices as well as emerging technologies.

Tech Analysis and Consultation

Every company’s tech situation is different and requires an expert understanding of how engineering departments are built and run to succeed in their unique environment.

With proven experience in corporate and startup workplaces, I’ll help you build a technology strategy that works for you, supporting you with engineering best practices, team formation, infrastructure setup, tech stack decisions, backlog priorities and more.

Tech Due Diligence

The success of many startups comes down to the technological ability to overcome the inevitable obstacles of growth.

Assessing a variety of factors including team setup and tech stack choices against industry best practices and business realities, I can provide an expert opinion to help venture capital firms and private equity funds take their next steps towards partnerships confidently.

Machine Learning Consultancy

Machine Learning is predicted to become a critical tool for almost all companies in the years ahead. Having worked on numerous ML use cases I will help you develop the tools to bring the power of Machine Learning to your business.

Who I’ve Worked With

I’ve successfully worked with both big and small companies in a range of different industries.

Vodafone Innovation Park
Deusche Bank
Venenburg software
Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft
Traton Group
Market Logic
United Health Group

Let’s Work Together

For any questions, feel free to reach out and say hi!