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Jayasagar is tech-at-core person with 13 years of end to end software development experience. He is a poly-skilled developer with a passion for exploring and improving Artificial Intelligence in an effort to better humanity.

Working in both product based companies as well as consultancies, big and small, Jay has learned how to build products successfully and guide teams pragmatically.

He has learned from every change and challenge on his journey and believes that knowledge should be shared. He loves to teach and founded Geek Labs in 2011, mentoring and training hundreds of students and professionals. As part of labs, built wide variety of innovative apps.

Jay’s personal drive is to build technology that improves lives and has a positive influence on humanity.

Jay’s full profile is on LinkedIn.

Jay Sagar

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I love building products and ventures that explore new technologies, help individuals and improve lives. I founded Geek Labs in 2011 and No Brain Writing in 2018.